About Us

Twins oN Tour or TNT is a travel blog by twin sisters who are combining to create an extraordinarily explosive and dynamic duo.

The two sisters are opposite poles of the same world. For 23 years, they have been a tightly knit team that fit, suit, inspire, and complement each other.

Kasia is a student of Civil Engineering at AGH, an enthusiast of climbing and photography, and fluent in French. She is bewitched by Africa and The Big Bang Theory.

Karolina will graduate this year with a degree in Comparative Literature from UJ. Passionnate about literature, art, and the Spanish-speaking part of the world, she is addicted to surfing and chocolate.

Visited countries

  • Europe ( 77% )
  • South America ( 23% )
  • Asia ( 16% )
  • Africa ( 6% )